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The National Capital Region Incident Management Team (NCR-IMT) is an All-Hazards regional team whose members come from local, state, and federal organizations in the Washington, DC area and work in various disciplines. Due to the threat of both natural and manmade disasters, the NCR-IMT is comprised of members from a cross section of agencies including Emergency Management, EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, Public Health and Public Works.

This cross section of experience comes from the NCR jurisdictions, which strengthens performance and maintains important professional relationships during the various multi-jurisdictional incidents/events.  As such these relationships have proven crucial in the successful outcomes of several incident/events; of which some have been of national significance.

















The Team supports local and state mutual aid requests. The team also responds to Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) requests that are sent out nationally to qualified teams who can then apply and be selected by the requesting jurisdiction. Being an All Hazards Team means that the NCR-IMT is capable responding to a variety of incidents of both an emergent and planned nature.


The participating jurisdictions are: 

  • District of Columbia 

  • Montgomery County - MD

  • Prince Georges County - MD

  • Charles County - MD

  • City of Alexandria - VA

  • Arlington County  - VA

  • City of Fairfax - VA

  • Fairfax County - VA

  • Loudoun County - VA

  • Prince William County - VA

  • City of Manassas - VA

  • Stafford County - VA


The NCR-IMT can assist with command and control of and support for:

  • natural disasters such as fires, hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes

  • manmade disasters such as terrorist attacks, hazardous materials incidents, civil unrest, transportation incidents and public health emergencies (pandemics)

  • large scale planned events.














The NCR-IMT currently has approximately 115 team members, many are qualified in multiple positions to AHIMTA (All Hazards Incident Management Team Association) standards. The Team is comprised of Command and General Staff (Incident Command, Safety, Public Information, Liaison), Planning, Logistics, Finance, and Operations.


To ensure the IMT meets succession planning needs of the future, all team members undergo the training and certification process to qualify in a position. The Team meets quarterly and hosts several workshops and annual full-scale drills to exercise subject matter expertise, test applicable technologies, help qualify new members, and add qualifications and currency to longer term members.

Funding for training and equipment currently comes exclusively from grants. The team has both short, and long-team caches which are equipped based on the number of personnel deployed and the situation being responded to. This includes an operations trailer with a generator, several vehicles, and materials and supplies designed to allow self-sufficiency for up to 30 people for 14 day deployments. This allows multiple teams to deploy simultaneously across the region.  This redundancy ensures continued coverage for the National Capital Region regardless of the team’s deployment status.

The NCR-IMT was formed in 2004 as a result of the attacks on 9-11-2001, and subsequent national level natural disasters. The team is managed by a program manager who reports to the Steering Committee which is represented by a member from each participating jurisdiction that provides strategic direction. There are currently 13 participating agencies among the COG.

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Deployment History

  • 2004 Operation Golden Eagle

  • 2005 Hurricane Katrina

  • 2005 Hurricane Rita

  • 2006 Hurricane Wilma

  • 2007 Prince William Co Line of Duty Death

  • 2008 Hurricane Gustav

  • 2008 Stafford County Tornado

  • 2008 Suffolk County Tornado

  • 2008 Hurricane Ike

  • 2009 Presidential Inauguration

  • 2009 H1N1 Pandemic Influenza

  • 2010 Haiti Earthquake - FEMA NCR

  • 2010 Haiti Earthquake - FEMA NCRC

  • 2011 Civil War Sesquicentennial - Prince William Co and City of Manassas

  • 2011 Resource Coordination Center

  • 2011 9/11 Stair climb

  • 2011 Hurricane Irene

  • 2012 9/11 Stair climb

  • 2012 City of Alexandria LODD

  • 2016 Essex County Tornado

  • 2016 Appomattox County Tornado

  • 2016 Prince Georges County LODD

  • 2016 Ellicott City Flooding

  • 2016 Hurricane Matthew

  • 2017 Presidential Inauguration

  • 2017 Fairfax PD CDU Event

  • 2017 Montgomery County LODD

  • 2017 USCG Oceana Fuel Spill


  • 2017 Charlottesville

  • 2017 Hurricane Harvey

  • 2017 Hurricane Irma

  • 2018 Ellicott City Flooding

  • 2018 Charlottesville

  • 2018 Hurricane Florence MACC

  • 2018 Prince Georges County LODD

  • 2018 Winchester LODD

  • 2018 Hurricane MIchael

  • 2019 Hurricane Dorian

  • 2020 Lobby Day

  • 2020 Fairfax Covid-19 Support

  • 2020 COVID-19 Rappahannock Health District

  • 2020 VDEM Region 7 ACF Planning

  • Loudoun County Covid-19 Testing

  • 2020 Richmond Protests

  • 2021 VDEM Region VII Inauguration

  • 2021 Frederick County LODD

  • 2021 COVID-19 Rappahannock Health District

  • 2021 Charlotte County Icce Storm

  • 2022 King George LE Recovery 

  • 2022 Fairfax County LODD

  • 2022 Hurricane Ian - Florida

  • 2023 Fredericksburg LODD

  • 2023 Alexandria LODD

  • 2023 Frederick County (VA) LODD

  • 2023 Frederick County (VA) LODD

  • 2024 NOVA Rescue Challenge

National Capital Region Incident Management Team

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