Virginia IQS Certification Update

The Commonwealth of Virginia Qualifications Review Committee for the Virginia Incident Management Team Qualification System met on January 18th to review the qualifications of IMT members across the state. After years of training, exercises, and deployments the following personnel were recently qualified in the listed Incident Command System positions. Please join us in congratulating the following NCR-IMT members on this achievement.

Ben Coffman

Status Check-in Recorder

Randy Coggin

Finance Section Chief, Cost Unit Leader

Amelia Gagnon

Situation Unit Leader

John Gallo

Operations Section Chief, Planning Section Chief

Sam Gray

Operations Branch Director

Tony Kostecka

Operations Section Chief

Roger McGary

Incident Commander, Planning Section Chief

Brent Ruggles

Planning Section Chief, Situation Unit Leader, Resources Unit Leader, Documentation Unit Leader

Jonathan Schmeltz

GIS Specialist

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