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Montana Assignment update

The 6 NCR-IMT members on training assignment arrived in Helena, Montana on August 5th, 2017. From Helena they travelled an additional 118 miles to Missoula, Montana approximately 25 miles Northwest of the Sapphire Complex. They are on the way to Area Command this morning and will be reporting to the Sapphire Complex later today.

Yesterday they received an overview of operations in the Northern Rockies Coordination Center, US Forestry Cache, US Forestry Service Smoke Jumper School, and Air Operations based out of Missoula Airport.

As of 8/6/2017 the Sapphire Complex had 617 personnel assigned to it and consisted of the fires listed below.

Goat Creek Fire: 7,659 acres, 55% contained

Little Hogback Fire: 14,786 acres, 0% contained

Sliderock Fire: 837 acres, 20% contained

You can find more information about the Sapphire Complex at the following Link.

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